Women’s International Study Center’s

THANK YOU to everyone who attended the Women’s International Study Center’s (WISC’s) inaugural Symposium, Risk & Reinvention: How Women Are Changing the World, on August 15-16, 2014.  Your participation and engagement in the 2-day conversations made the event an incredibly inspiring community experience, and created awareness for the need for intergenerational communication about issues affecting women around the world.

Women in thus modern world get awareness about their rights and they fight against the inequality. The status of the women is now changing in India. If you look at the women there will be a lot of ups and downs in their life. Among the illiterate people, the inequality in the difference is based on the gender. Most of the women get tortured for the dowry and about three in one women facing the sexual abuse. The recommended book which contains the list of influential women who changed the world is available online. You can try this site to know about the women who made lot of differences in the world.

Now we will focus on few examples of women how they are changing the world. Ramabai Pandita, during her school days girls are not allowed to study. But she proved that women can study by learning Sanskrit to read and write. Mission was set up by her for the widows and encouraged them to be educated and independent.

Another woman named Laxmi Lakra is a first woman engine driver for the northern railways. The native place for her is Jharkhand and females are not allowed to study or go for work. This rule is broken by her and she became the engine driver.

WISC would also like to thank each of the extraordinary panelists who offered their insights and knowledge with authenticity and excellence. We would especially like to thank U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for inviting us into such a personal and thoughtful discussion about her life, experiences and perspectives.