During 2017 WISC will host three workshops, aimed at covering more deeply some of the topics covered during breakout sessions of our 2016 symposium, Women & Money, Beyond the Numbers. Regardless of your age, of whether you are a full-time employee, an artist, self-employed or retired, join us to consider your specific circumstances, gain new skills, and create a plan to set and achieve your goals.

Past Symposia

WOMEN & MONEY: Beyond the Numbers, August 13, 2016

From the global economy to personal finance, women's relationship to money matters greatly. If you care about the economic condition of women, want more power or confidence in your personal finances, or want to learn about the latest trends in giving and getting, this full-day WISC symposium is for you.

Risk & Reinvention: How Women Are Changing the World, August 15-16, 2014

THANK YOU to everyone who attended the Women's International Study Center's (WISC's) inaugural Symposium, Risk & Reinvention: How Women Are Changing the World, on August 15-16, 2014. Your participation and engagement in the 2-day conversations made the event an incredibly inspiring community experience, and created awareness for the need for intergenerational communication about issues affecting women around the...