The Acequia Madre House™ Archive will attract current and future generations of scholars, researchers and authors to the inspirational site of many past achievements. Over the course of 150 years, the three women of Acequia Madre House™ traveled the globe, made significant achievements in their broad areas of interest, contributed substantially to Santa Fe and the other communities in which they lived, wrote to each other daily when apart and saved everything. The result is a remarkable archive – a time capsule covering the period from 1849 to 1999. It is far more than a glimpse of a single American family, however, because of the range of people around the globe with whom the women were in contact – artists, scholars, maharajas, native crafts-people, scientists, politicians, photographers, business colleagues and preservationists. With very restrictive access, the archive has already provided substance for more than a dozen books and numerous articles. When fully processed and open for scholars and researchers, the Archive will become a widely recognized and highly valued resource for research on this era providing particular insight about the role and impact of women therein.

The Archive documents the lives of these women and demonstrates how progressive and advanced they were as advocates and role models not only in their time but also as an inspiration for present and future generations of women.

The Archive is housed in its own building which will have secure archive storage, as well as a reading room, an office and workroom.

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