GROUP: SFCC & New Mexico Filmmakers Academy (June 5 - 7, 2015)

GROUP: SFCC & New Mexico Filmmakers Academy (June 5 - 7, 2015)

Diana de Aguniaga - Currently I am teaching bi-lingual film production to high school students at Monte del Sol charter school. This includes teaching my students all aspects of film making from developing a concept, screen writing, filming and post-production. I hope to bring a similarly challenging and engaging learning environment to New Mexico Filmmakers Academy that I’ve employed at Monte del Sol; one that effectively teaches art appreciation, promotes creativity, and encourages independence. I am confident that my experience integrating diverse working methods, coupled with my multicultural background and history of exhibitions abroad as well as myexperiences in filmmaking and my expertise with many different types of equipment, have prepared me well for this teaching position. I will bring a different voice and perspective from the international, high school and study abroad community.

Monique Anair – My leadership experience in education will dictate my role as main facilitator for this group. I have learned in my journey as a leader that collective voice is the most important part of the leadership process. My job within the New Mexico Filmmakers Academy is to help each member seek their best-self. My experience as a camera women and now a teacher gives me the vocabulary to speak for filmmakers in the educational environment. I will also act as researcher, administrator and liaison between formal and non-formal educational institutions, maintain ethical and legal guidelines, raise funds and best of all participate in helping student achieve their goals.

Doug Crawford – In the 1990’s I began teaching broadcast journalism and documentary film production with the University of New Mexico specifically to help students navigate the world of public television by producing work for KNME-TV. I have working in the classroom ever since. For 20 years I have owned and operated Delighted Eye Video in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Through my work in the professional world I feel I offer a real-world viewpoint for students. My technical skills, experience within and outside of New Mexico and small business acumen are what I will bring to New Mexico Filmmakers Academy.

James Lujan - I have worked in Hollywood as a Native American. I know the challenges that our students face in a fast-paced and self-motivated industry. I have been a leader for Native Americans in mainstream media and that experience and skill base is what I bring to the academy. I also am a professor who has the responsibility of cultivating my students. I feel the academy is a perfect outlet for my recent grads to be able to find their voice and support to take it to the next level. I bring the director skills in the Hollywood market to this group and the ability to navigate the low budget and entry level markets.

Gene Mederos – Currently I serve as the chairman for the non-profit New Mexico Film Resource. This organization connects students with internships on professional films. Experience in the workforce is invaluable for the neophyte. I work primarily in post-production and special effects, animation. What I bring to the academy environment is my experience in navigating the local business community, leveraging parton-ship for students and my skills in connecting the right people for the job. I am a Cuban- American and my experience as an emigrant in the United States has been invaluable in leading me to believe wholeheartedly in the opportunity of underrepresented voices getting a chance to be heard. I have the ability to do what it takes to help reach the objectives we have proposed as a team. I bring the producer skills needed for this group.

Jilann Spitzmiller – I have been making films since 1985. My experience and passion translates into films that stretch the mind, entertain the spirit and reach straight for the heart. I have had the pleasure to mentor students who have gone on to and win multiple film festivals. What I bring to the academy is my professionalism, passion and amazing track record of successful filmmaking. I will be a mentor and guide and share my own experience navigating the industry and festival markets.