Susan Tweit (November 2016)

Susan Tweit (November 2016)Award-winning writer Susan J. Tweit is a plant biologist who began her career studying wildfires,

Most chidden do not know what career to choose. They do not have a clue about what they want to become when they grow up. This is why most of them end up in a career that they do not like. When these children start to attend college then it becomes even worse because they end up taking a degree that they may never ever use.

As parents you can help your child in choosing what career he should choose. Right here you can step in and assist your child in choosing the career that you think he will be passionate about. Unfortunately choosing the right career is not easy and it needs a lot of research and discussions to understand what the profession has in store for you.

First you need to uncover what the strengths of your child are. Your child has varied interests and he will be good in many areas. You need to uncover these strengths quickly. If you wait for this to happen on its own course then they may never even discover what they are good at until it gets very late.

As a parent you need to be focused on the strengths of your child. This will help him to choose the right care path. It will ensure that your child is not forced into a career that he does not like. grizzly bear habitat and sagebrush communities in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem before turning to writing when she discovered she loved telling the stories in the data. She has written twelve books about nature and life, including the memoir Walking Nature Home, and The Rocky Mountain Garden Survival Guide, hailed as “the instruction book that should have come with your yard.” Tweit’s work has appeared in magazines and newspapers from Audubon and Popular Mechanics to High Country News and the Los Angeles Times, and won the EDDIE for magazine writing, ForeWord Book of the Year Award, Outstanding Science Trade Book for Children, the Colorado Book Award, and the Colorado Authors League Award (three times). She is a columnist for Rocky Mountain Gardening magazine, and a co-founder of the Habitat Hero project. Her landscape designs and urban habitat restoration projects have won recognition from The Nature Conservancy, Audubon Rockies, and the North American Rock Garden Society. She has captivated audiences at venues ranging from TEDx events to women’s health conferences. Tweit lives on a restored former industrial property in Salida, Colorado.


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