Mi’Jan Celie Tho-BIaz (March 2016)

Mi’Jan Celie Tho-Biaz, Ed.D., is a Visiting Scholar with the Interdisciplinary Center for Innovative Theory and Empirics at Columbia University; inaugural leadership member with the Aspen Institute’s Franklin Project, as well as The Banff Centre’s New Fundamentals in the Creative Ecology; and the lead designer and co-facilitator for the public policy digital storytelling

Telling stories is beneficial for your child’s development. When you share stories and talk and sing to your child then this helps your child to develop in a number of ways.

When you read out to your child then this helps your child to hear to new sounds. He relates to the language and learns new words and this in turn helps to develop his early skills of literacy.

Your child will learn to value stories and books. This also sparks your child’s imagination and stimulates his curiosity. Stories help to develop your child’s brain and he develops social skills. It helps to develop his communication as well.

When you read stories your child starts to understand the difference between real and what is make believe. The child understands the new events and also relates to strong emotions that goes with the story. Browse around these guys for age appropriate books.

When you tell your child stories or read out stories to your child then it takes your child to another world. You can just pick up any book and start reading the book to him. You do not have to be a professional storyteller for this. When you flip the pages of the story book it will start to develop the child’s curiosity. He will be eager to know what happens next.

Reading stories is beneficial not only for children but for grownups too. The time that you spend reading together helps to promote a bonding and helps in building strong relations.

In today’s age of technology reading definitely has taken a backseat. Those who love to read have started reading books on the devices. It is time to give this a break and pick up a paperback storybook and start to read. The smell of the paper and holding the book in your hand is unbeatable.

and documentation training with women organizers who labor for social change, at the Steinem Initiative at Smith College.

Additionally, Mi’Jan Celie serves on the Board of Directors with the Northern New Mexico Radio Foundation; the South by Southwest (SxSWedu) and American Association of University Women advisory board review panels; and in partnership with the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs, is the founder of the inaugural 2016 Community Artist Year.