The Women’s International Study Center (WISC) at Acequia Madre House™, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Three remarkable women, three generations of the same family, were for over a century an active, creative presence in the Southwest. The Santa Fe house they designed and lived in is now the home of the Women’s International Study Center.

Inspired by the accomplishments of these women, WISC looks to the future and advances the work and study of women in the arts, sciences, cultural preservation, and business and philanthropy, while ensuring that its programs are intergenerational, multicultural and cross-disciplinary. WISC hosts Fellows-in-Residence for women practicing within or individuals studying women in the four areas of interest. WISC conducts a range of programs to raise issues, stimulate discussion, change attitudes and better women’s lives.

At WISC’s 2014 symposium Risk & Reinvention: How Women Are Changing the World, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave the keynote remarks for WISC’s brilliantly successful, first major public program. WISC will continue the public discourse through WISC Conversations, the EDGE Series, additional symposia, recognition of women’s accomplishments through WISC awards and other programs.

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