Emerging modern development

Women working force is an emerging modern development in the world. Many women with immense calibre could not earn because of stringent rules and barriers created by society in the 19th and 20 centuries. Women, in fact, are seen as “a historical figure” i.e. located outside of history. Women have been challenged by inequality in the workforce. They were limited to low-paid and poor status occupations.

In the 20th century, the labour market shifted and the minds of people travelled in a different way. Women are given rights to access higher education, they are allowed to do work in the same way the men do. There are different success stories in many websites that gives the motivation to do something in life.

There was a girl named Sara Maria born in a poverty stricken family in a small town in Japan. Her family had 7 members which were not that easy to feed them every day. From then her struggle to help her father to feed the family begins. At the age of 12, she worked at a coffee shop after her school time for an earning. Even in that difficulty, her ultimate aim was to become a professional and succeed in life. Gradually at the age of 15, she worked as an agricultural labour which paid her a little more. As a custom of society, the girl with a lot of dreams got married to a construction worker at the age of 17. And she is found with 2 children before she could realise it.

Even at that busy family life she convinced her husband and struggled a lot to take a degree. A middle class woman like Sara who went for higher education was a great news. And the majority of the society blamed her husband for allowing her to study. This was the end of the family life of Sara and they got separated when she was just 21. People including her family could not understand her and this forced her to run away to anywhere else with her kids.

She rose again after some time, and this was the new beginning. Her struggles had given her enough moments to let people know the aspirations of women and she had the skill to emote. Her numerous plays are now inspiring women from all walks of life to move forward and succeed and that is the power of art.