Video is live for How Women Artists Shape the Arts and Contribute to Social Change


If you missed the dynamic lecture with Susan Fisher Sterling, Director of the National Museum of Women in the Arts and the engaging panel discussion with Kymberly Pinder, Dean of the College of Fine Arts, University of New Mexico and artists Harmony Hammond, Rose B. Simpson, and Meridel Rubenstein that followed or if you just want to listen again here is the video.

Women have always been a part of the different art layers in the society. Due to the gender bias and social impositions held high since ages, not much of the big waves reached the surface or came out in limelight. Women were involved in all kinds of artistic activities that had the power to express, spread and inspire any subject, but the number of acknowledged creators were less. Still, some of them managed to get listed among the influential artists of their respective times. Although there have been contradictory opinions on the creation of carvings on stone, many remarkable art works on clothing and weavings in the BC era have been attached to women artists.

Right away from the initial methods of expressing their creativity, women face opposing forces in the means of communicating their art, promote, and like it and utilising the work to make impacts. They even face hurdles to receive accolades and appreciation for their fine pieces of art. In spite of all these opposing issues, we have several names to embark the success of women in the field and their contribution to the society. Bayeaux Tapestry and the ourageous Penelope are just a few of the names.

With time and revolution, the hurdles changed their direction and even now social stigma stands tall amidst the aspiring women artists. Self-motivated individuals and inspiring agencies have addressed these issues and imparted confidence to several hidden women artists. Not just personal issues, these artists have come up with works addressing major societal, institutional, national and transnational areas. Global platforms involving all genders as well as exclusively for women are providing the best developmental medium to showcase the arts. These platforms are also powerful enough to spread the messages far and wide and garness the kind of accolades these women deserve.   Even exiles and political pressure or isolation are not strong enough to stop these women to get into the bigger stage and create the impact.

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