Save the Date: WISC Inaugural Symposium featuring Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

**Note: for more information about WISC’s 2014 Symposium, please visit our Symposium page.


The Women’s International Study Center will hold its Inaugural Symposium, Risk & Reinvention: How Women Are Changing the World, on August 15th and 16th 2014, with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg giving the keynote presentation.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is an American lawyer and he served as an associate justice in the supreme court of U.S. She was appointed by the Bill Clinton and she is the second female justice on the Supreme Court. Before this position she encountered a lot of difficulties in finding the employment. She has been rejected by the Supreme Court justice for the position of clerk due to her gender. Despite of having the recommendation from the professor of Harvard school, she was rejected.

Between 1961 and 1963, she worked as a research associate and interested to learn the Swedish language. Then she is involved as a co author to write about the civil procedures along with Anders Bruzelius. Then she became the longest serving justice and she was rated as a well qualified justice. She was honored for her contribution toward the human civilization and as an outstanding daughter of Jewish.

She is considered as the source of inspiration for all the people. She was selected for the lifetime achievement award. Ginsburg remained as a Supreme Court justice till 1993 and she dedicated her life for the legal career to achieve the rights for women. She became the old justice at her age of 77 and due to her poor health and death of her husband, she got the retirement. The inaugural symposium was conducted by the women’s international study center and Ginsburg gave a keynote. Bitcoin Loophole provides different payment method especially the card payment is the popular one.

Justice Ginsburg, in a conversation with the distinguished attorney Roberta Cooper Ramo on Friday afternoon, August 15th, will share her perspectives on women’s struggles, achievements and goals as inspiration for the future. The following day, on August 16th in a full day of panel discussions, leaders in the fields of the arts, sciences, cultural preservation and business will explore the significant roles and accomplishments of women in these areas and how to advance those accomplishments in the future. Symposium program and registration details will be posted in the near future.