WISC is dedicated to inspiring and enabling women around the world to achieve their full potential.

Building on the contributions of the three women of Acequia Madre House™ and advancing their work in the arts, sciences, cultural preservation, business and philanthropy, WISC honors women's accomplishments, supports study and research, and facilitates intergenerational, multi-cultural and cross-disciplinary dialogue.

  • Recognizing women of achievement.
  • Hosting Fellows-in-Residence whose work focuses on or is by women in the four areas of interest.
  • Sponsoring WISC Conversations in various venues and media.
  • Convening symposia.
  • Preserving WISC's home, the Acequia Madre House™ and its collections.
  • Assisting with the preservation of and access to the Acequia Madre House™ Archive.

Photograph by Christina Procter